php 로그 오류

php 로그 오류 찾았습니다.

안녕하세요, 매번 자세한 답변 감사드립니다.
독해 부탁 드리려고 올린 것은 아니고요.ㅋ 말씀하신 php오류가 이게 맞나요?
인증서를 추가하라는 것 같은데, 이제 어떻게 하면 될까요?
When you connect to a secure website, the server hosting that site presents your browser with something called a "certificate" to verify its identity. This certificate contains identity information, such as the address of the website, which is verified by a third party that your computer trusts. By checking that the address in the certificate matches the address of the website, it is possible to verify that you are securely communicating with the website you intended, and not a third party (such as an attacker on your network). 자세히 보기 »